We shall be launching a series of Community Heritage Walks suitable for everyone in Spring 2021

We have recently received a £500 grant from Local Giving's Magic Little Grants Fund which is supported by players of the People's Postcode Lottery. The new walks will include a relaunching of the aAbeycwmhir Millennium Community Trail designed for everyone to enjoy and visit important heritage features in the area.If you wish to help in setting these up or have up to date infromation please contact Jackie at oralhistory.cwmhirabbey@gmail.com

July 18th 2020 (Saturday)  Annual Pilgrimage  25 miles along the Monks Trod from StratFlorida Abbey to Abbeycwmhir. Cancelled due to Covid 19.

December 13th 2020 (Saturday) Christmas Cracker Walks Five walks of varying lengh (5 - 25 miles) centered on Abbeycwmhir. . Cancelled due to Covid 19.

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