A preliminary list of the questions that may arise from the articles being read. Further suggestions welcome. Our final answers to these questions appear under the History tab.

Click on any of the headings  below to discover the latest knowledge the Study Group has about the subject. This is a developing project and may not be complete for several years from March 2017.


- 1143 Founding Date Where did it come from?

- 1176 Why is Cadwallon said to be the founder when he is not mentioned in any Charter- although his family is?

- The Final Builder: Welsh or Mortimer?

- Sumptuous and longest Cistercian nave built in the wrong order and unfinished – Why? 

- Architectural style: Cistercian? Early English? Welsh?

Llywelyn ap Gruffudd:

Was Llywelyn a victim of his brother Daffyd’s ambitions?

Might the march to Builth have been a good military strategy?

What was the basis of Llywelyn’s authority in Brecon, and over his large army?

Did he come to Abbeycwmhir as the Chronicon Petroburgense says?

Llywelyn was about 59 when he came to Builth. Did his age have a bearing?

Was Llywelyn’s death an accident, an assassination or a battlefield event?

Where was Llywellyn ap Gruffydd’s body buried?

- Why did Owain Glyndwr spoil and deface the burial place of a Welsh Prince in 1401?

- Cistercian ideal of self sufficiency ends in demised poverty - why?

- Cistercian ideals of aristocratic manual labourers - for how long? Lay Brothers as equals?  Why was singing psalms eight times a day considered to be the Opus of God?,

- Was the Dissolution of the Abbey and the  Protestant Reformation a positive development?

- Geophysical archaeology is better than the trowel?   (Ref  Reece 2005 p144)    

- What were the motives of the writers of Cwmhir Abbey’s history ?