Abbey of Cwmhir Study Group:


July 26th From Northanger to  Cwmhir Abbey.

The Romance and Mystery of ruined Abbeys. Why do we love them? Ever since the 1650's when Dugdale published his Monasticon (in which Cwmhir is listed) there has been a growing interest in the ruins of monastic establishments. In the 18th and early nineteenth century this took the form of the Gothic Novel of which many were published in England and in Wales. Jane Austin was critical of this genre in her Northanger Abbey as well as aware of the aesthetic speculations that had been made by philosophers like Edmund Burke as to why we considered them beautiful. Even Sir Walter Scott wrote novels entitled The Monastery  & The Abbot.

To get a copy of the papers being discussed before coming to the next meeting on July 26th email: 01597 851021

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There will be no meeting in August but we re-start on September 28th when we are planning a Field Trip to Whitland Abbey, the mother house of Cwmhir whose early days, between 1143 and 1176, we will be exploring during the following sessions.

We will be hiring a mini-bus if there are enough people interested. Please let me Admin know if you are. Costs are being negotiated but the more of us there are the cheaper it will be. IT IS IMPORTANT TO ACT NOW.


The Abbeycwmhir Heritage Trust pays tribute to the publishers of the journals and books which we are consulting and thanks them for making them available on the web and in libraries. In particular we thank the Radnorshire Society Transactions, Archaeologica Cambrensis, the Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion and Powys Libraries.