The Abbey Cwmhir Heritage Trust has ten publications which are available at the Cadw Exhibition Room at the entrance to the Abbey, at our meetings and exhibitions or can be downloaded here.

1) History of the Abbey (English) 

2) Hanes Abaty-cwm-hir (Welsh)

3) A Quick Tour of the Abbey (English)

4) Abbey Cwmhir Heritage Trust Membership Form (Bi-Lingual)

5) Walk the Trod and the Cracker from Abbeycwmhir (English)

6)Accident or Assassination - the Death of Llywelyn ap Gryffud  (Bi-Lingual)

7) Llywelyn Tour - A Self Drive Tour to visit the places connected with the death of  Llywelyn    ap Gruffudd, Prince of Wales 1256 –82 (English)

8) Taith Llywelyn - Taith Gyrru’ch Hunan i ymweld â’r mannau sy’n gysylltiedig â  arwolaeth        Llywelyn ap Gruffudd,  Tywysog Cymru 1256 – 82. (Welsh)

9) Stone Trail  - A self drive tour to see surviving carved stones from the Abbey of Cwmhir                                                                                                                                                  (English)

10) Llwybr Cerrig - Taith gyrru’ch hunan i weld cerrig cerfiedig sydd wedi goroesi o Abaty                                                                                                                         Cwm-hir.(Welsh) 

There is also the 320 page,. full colour "Abbeycwmhir, History, Homes & People" published by the Abbeycwmhir Community Council. £18 abbeyhillfarm@gmail;.com