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23rd March 2017 Meeting

1) Rees WJ The Ruinated Abbey of Cwmhir (Archaeologia Cambrensis xvi Oct 1849 pp - 260) The earliest paper and after Thomas Wilson’s clearance of the ruins. A general introduction to the Abbey’s history. This paper, which has three parts, was published as a separate monograph in 1850 together with a new preface which is of some interest.

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27th April 2017 Meeting

A summary of the following in the light of the discussion held is now available in this web site's "History" tab.

2) Remry, Paul Cadwallon ap Madog Rex Delvain, 1140-1179 and the Re-Establishment of local automony in Cynllibiwg. (Rhwng Gwy a Hafren) (Radnorshire Transactions 1995 p 11). This paper captures the power and world of the founder of the Abbey of Cwmhir.

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Supplementary Item: Elegy on Cadwallon ap Madog by Cynddelw (1179)    Click on pdf icon:

25th May 2017 Article

The Article from this meeting is lucidly written and very readable, packed with interesting information about the founding of Cistercian Abbeys. Many of the examples are from Europe but apply to Abbey Cwmhir just as well.  "Lonely Wooded Places"  is Chapter 3 of The Cistercians in the Middle Ages (Boydell Press 2011) and the author Prof Janet Burton (Lampeter) has given members of the study group permission to copy it - for which we are very grateful.

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22nd June Meeting

The Rule of St Benedict - the strict observance of which was the aim of the reforming Cistercians.

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