The Abbey of Cwmhir's Granges of East Radnorshire was the subject of a Self Drive Field trip led by Dr John Davies on Satuday May 19th. Here are some photos of a small portion of the tour:-



A new oak notice board with our name nicely painted on it in Welsh and English is now installed and in use in the CADW Exhibition Room at Home Farm, Abbeycwmhir. We now have a permanent presence there. The CPAT Drawings of the Abbey ruins showing where the Masons Marks can be found are also installed in their own folder and chained to the table!

In St.Marys Parish Church we have now provided an interpretation panel for the Mabli Tomb Lid which originally came from the Abbey ruins.


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Future Programme for 2018 is - see Events Page

April 19th Thursday. The Seal of the Abbey of Cwmhir and The Sign of the Happy Union Inn—Symbol of Welsh Identity? By Roger Coward (Editor Abbeycwmhir Book).

May26th Saturday. Annual Excursion to some of the Granges of Cwmhir Abbey in Easter Radnorshire starting from Clyro.

July 22nd Saturday. Pilgrimage: Strata Florida to Abbeycwmhir. Go to Walks. Book on Line.

September 22nd Saturday. Founder Cadwallon Lecture Glyndwr by Gareth Jones.

Dec 2nd Saturday.  Christmas Cracker Walks.Go to Walks. Book on line.

Dec 8th Memorial 13.00 hrs Service

                               14.15 hrs Talk by Julian Lovell, The Fowlers of Abbeycwmhir?

                               15.30 hrs AGM   





The next meeting is on Thursday 26th April.  Please go to Study Group/Next Meeting for details.

Venue: Celf O Gwmpas, Tremont Road, Llandrindod Wells - just after the Tremont Garage going North out of Llandrindod Wells. It has a large spiral sculpture in the forecourt. Parking is up the road at the side in Tremont School behind.

Enquiries: 01597 851021



At the recent AGM on February 1st 2018 Julian Lovel was elected Honorary Secretary and Heather Davies was elected Honorary Treasurer.Sheila Ward was elected Deputy Chair and to the Committee were elected Rosemary Newman, Catherine Hutton and Graham Davies to join continuing members Josie Jones, Sybil Davies and .Aida Birch.


After thirty years as Chairiman of the Abbeycwmhir Heritage Trust Dr John Davies retired at the last AGM in December 2016.  Sian Meredith also retired as secretary after thirty years but will continue on the committee responsible for walks, catering and paper publicity. The dedication and tenancity of John and Sian to sustaining the Trust has been absolutely remarkable and we thank them for all they have done.




A piece of stone from the Abbey of Cwmhir has been returned from Australia - because it brought bad luck to the thief.

The "fan" of Abbeycwmhir enclosed with the stone this message,"I am so sorry for taking,borrowing, stealing (shows remorse - Ed) this piece of the old Abbey Cwmhir. I have been an avid follower of the Welsh Kings and their history and so I took this rock. Ever since I have had the most awful luck as if Llewellyn himself was angry with me. So I am sending it back. I will not leave my name or address, just a heartelt sorry from an Australian fan."

The Trustees of the Abbeycwmhir Heritage Trust have received the piece of stone which measures about 2 x1 cm. It is on display with the accompanying note in the Exhibition Room at the Abbey Ruins.