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Volunteers are needed to help in many capacities to support this many faceted investigation into the mysteries of Abbey Cwmhir.

Since we commissioned the Drone Photogrammetry Survey in February 2019 plans have been made to conduct further desktop investigations into what was discovered plus the whole of Cwmhir Abbey's Home Grange of Gollon. In the meantime CPAT (Clywed-Powys Archaeological Trust) have followed up an aerial photographic survey by RCAHMW (Royal Commissionon on the Ancient History and Monuments of Wales) and after a week's archaeological dig have confirmed their sighting of graves in Home Farm's field on the footpath at the back of the Happy Union Inn.

The Demystifying Investigations are being led by Mel Walters who should be contacted by anyone interested in lending a hand: 

We are being guided on the archaeological and historical side by a Research Group which includes represntatives of the Sacred Landscapes Arts & Humanities Research Council: Prof. David Austin (previously of University of Wales, Lampeter and of the Strata Florida Trust), with Gaenor Austen and Jemma Bezant; the Chief Archaeologist of the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust and the Area Inspector for Cadw as well as Trustees of the Abbeycwmhir Heritage Trust. 

We would be so grateful for any support you can give - even just sharing this message. Are you able to give this gift to your community project? For more information or to donate, all you need to do is follow this link:


Thank you so much!

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