April 26th Owain Glyndwr

We shall look at the following papers two of which can be obtained on line. Known members of the group have been sent them so anyone new who wants to join and read the papers in advance should write to the administrator (cf below).

1)Owain Glyndwr and Radnorshire by Elizabeth Dunn (Transactions of the Radnorshire Society 1967, Vol 37 P 27).

A good clear exposition on Glyndwr's activities in Radnorshire in the context of the rest of his wider campaign. But does this historian, as many others, exagerate the damage he caused at Cwmhir? The actual document that we depend on for knowledge of it, The Itinerary in Wales of John Leland, in or about the years 1536-1539, Ed LT Smith, London (1906), merely states, Al the howse was spoiled and defaced by Owen Glindour.

2) Chap 3 Maelienydd & Chap 4 Wales from The Last Days of Owain Glyndŵr by Gruffydd Aled Williams (Y Lolfa Cyf 2017).
   A lovely speculation on the possibility that he was buried at Cwmhir Abbey.

3) Cistercian Candidates 1343 -1502 by EJ Cole (Transactions of the Radnorshire Society 1950 Vol 20 P 13).

Research relating to monks at the Abbey during the period Owain Glyndwr was active.

Some of the Questions to find answers to:

 - Why did Glyndwr, who claimed to be Prince of Wales, attack Cwmhir when the Last Welsh Prince was buried there?

- Who was the greater Prince of Wales Llywellyn ap Gruffydd or Owain Glyndwr? Why?

- Is he still alive?